Smart Textiles Kit w/o nano controller

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What is it?

Interested in making your own smart textiles? The “Wearic – Smart Textiles KIT” is the world’s first do it yourself package with textile sensors. Plug and play – a Nano microcontroller connected with the wearic expansion board and textile sensors. It was never so easy to make your own innovative sensor textile and wear it. From heated cloth to weight measurement in chairs, there are no limits to your creativity and your projects – Do it!

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    The Wearic Expansion Board is compatible with Nano V3.0 Atmel Atmega328 microcontrollers. With snaps you can connect easily all Wearic Sensors or your own sensor textiles with the Nano controller. The expansion board converts the sensor signal for the controller and you can focus on programming your application and make your project.


    You need more functionality? The board includes a temperature sensor as well as an interface for a display and a Bluetooth module. How smart textiles work and tutorials for your first project you find in our learn section. Do it! Make it! Wear it!